Most people don’t set a password on their computer because unlocking the computer becomes a hassle after setting a password. But by using MacID, you can easily unlock your computer, which is the main purpose that this software can help you accomplish. Go to App Store to get

When you activate your Mac’s display, your phone will receive a notification, swipe right to tap “Unlock” and press your fingerprint, and your computer is wirelessly unlocked. In addition, you can also wirelessly lock the computer on the phone, or play songs, etc., which is very convenient. In addition, the MacID computer client can even detect whether you are away by sound, and then automatically lock. If your computer has a Muti-Touch trackpad, you can also set specific gestures to unlock your Mac. For security, you can set the gesture to unlock only when the phone is connected to the computer. And MacID not only allows you to easily unlock the computer, but also transfers the contents of the clipboard between the phone and the computer in both directions. For people who often use two devices at the same time, this feature is very handy.

Support Today View Plugin

MacID also supports plug-ins in the Today View, and it is extremely convenient to unlock your Mac anytime, anywhere.

Supports Multiple Macs

One mobile phone can wirelessly control many functions such as unlocking of Macs, and the list is simple and beautiful.

Support Apple Watch

You can also control your Mac wirelessly with your Apple Watch.