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Vision Pro Initial Experience

I picked up the device at 8:00 AM EST on February 2nd. As someone who doesn’t wear glasses, I’ve used it for a full two days now, and here are some of my findings. Configuration ChoiceI chose the 512GB version, primarily because I anticipated that some of the software/games on the Vision Pro might feature more 3D scenes, which could consume more stora..

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The Downtime of Alibaba Cloud Hong Kong Region

On December 18, 2022, an exception occurred in Alibaba Cloud Hong Kong services. The Hong Kong server used by this site was also affected. Due to my incorrect alarm configuration, some domain names were not correctly switched and resolved, causing a small number of users to be unavailable for up to half an hour. However, the problem occurred in the Alibaba..

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Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro Experience

I just received the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro (11-inch). Apple quietly released the 2020 iPad Pro with dual cameras at the beginning of this year, with little change in performance, mainly starting with 128GB and lowering the price. The most important updates are the iPadOS 13.4 for mouse and touchpad and the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro that just went on..

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Self-built PowerDNS Advanced: GeoDNS, dnsdist, Lua Records

This article will talk about setting up your own DNS authoritative server (serving your own domain name, this is not a public DNS cache server) using PowerDNS’s GeoIP Backend. By using PowerDNS, you can build a DNS server that supports partition resolution (fine to country, city, ASN, custom IP segment), EDNS-Client-Subnet, DNSSEC, IPv6 on your own server...

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WordPress 5.0 Update is Available, New Editor, New Theme

The official version of WordPress 5.0 has been released on 2018-12-07. Users of self-built WordPress can upgrade in the web management page of the WordPress background. The two most obvious features of this update are: 1. The background management uses a new editor, and 2. The theme of 2019 has been added, which adapts to this new editor.

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Talk About Data Backup

No one wants to lose data, but it’s hard to avoid: accidental deletion of files, unexpected power outages, hard drive damage, hard drive loss, natural disasters… All of the above will lead to data loss, which is likely to be impossible to recover directly. I believe that many people have had such troubles. This article will briefly introduce the 321 princi..

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