This smartwatch is different from many existing smartwatches in that it has physical hands. Buy Authentic on Amazon

Record Health Data

Activité Pop can automatically detect walking, running, swimming and sleeping. You don’t need to make any settings at all, it can correctly identify the current type of exercise, including sleep records. It can record exercise duration, walking/running distance, calories burned during exercise, total sleep duration, number of wake ups, deep sleep duration, and light sleep duration. It’s all automatic.

Smart Alarm Clock

Activité Pop has a vibrating alarm function, not only that, but it also has a smart wake-up function that wakes you up in advance when it is about to the set time and it detects that you have woken up or entered a light sleep.

Smart Alarm
Smart Alarm

Long Battery Life

Up to 8 months of battery life on standard coin cell batteries.


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