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Categories · Technology


Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro Experience

I just received the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro (11-inch). Apple quietly released the 2020 iPad Pro with dual cameras at the beginning of this year, with little change in performance, mainly starting with 128GB and lowering the price. The most important updates are the iPadOS 13.4 for mouse and touchpad and the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro that just went on..

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Talk About Data Backup

No one wants to lose data, but it’s hard to avoid: accidental deletion of files, unexpected power outages, hard drive damage, hard drive loss, natural disasters… All of the above will lead to data loss, which is likely to be impossible to recover directly. I believe that many people have had such troubles. This article will briefly introduce the 321 princi..

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Talk about the streaming of video on the Internet

Videos are distributed on the Internet, the most common way is through the World Wide Web - the user directly enters a web link/search engine search/link to other websites, or through any reader (including Podcasts client in inside) to play. Doing this is not limited to any platform at all, but it means that you have to pay for your video traffic..

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