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Categories · Technology


TL-PA500 power cat, deploy wireless LAN cluster

The power cat is a device that can replace the network cable with the wires in the home, realize the data transmission with the cable instead of the network cable, and solve the problem of not having all the network cables in the home. Of course, if you have a network cable, you don’t need it. The TL-PA500 is nominally a 500M power adapter. Since the netwo..

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DELL P2415Q 4K Monitor Recommended

4K, 23.8-inch screen. Features a Retina effect, excellent color reproduction, and print-like clarity. Bought one recently and it works great. Buy Authentic on Amazon What is 4KA 4K screen usually refers to a display that is four times the resolution of 1080p (that is, twice as wide and twice as tall). The difference between the 4K screen and 1080p resoluti..

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