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Self-built PowerDNS GeoDNS Server

Lately I’ve grown more and more into building things myself, like GitLab. Today, I changed the DNS server to a self-built one, and shared my experience (PS: Now in order to realize the root domain CDN, I used Route 53 instead): The self-built DNS in this article refers to the authoritative DNS, that is, the DNS configured for your own domain name, not the ..

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Talk about the streaming of video on the Internet

Videos are distributed on the Internet, the most common way is through the World Wide Web - the user directly enters a web link/search engine search/link to other websites, or through any reader (including Podcasts client in inside) to play. Doing this is not limited to any platform at all, but it means that you have to pay for your video traffic..

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Several recommended plugins for WordPress

EWWW Image OptimizerLossless and lossy compression of JPEG and PNG images, support for compressing existing images, can speed up the loading of images for visitors. Also supports progressive loading of JPEG. Under normal circumstances, when the network speed is low, the picture is loaded bit by bit from top to bottom, but with progressive loading, the low-..

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TL-PA500 power cat, deploy wireless LAN cluster

The power cat is a device that can replace the network cable with the wires in the home, realize the data transmission with the cable instead of the network cable, and solve the problem of not having all the network cables in the home. Of course, if you have a network cable, you don’t need it. The TL-PA500 is nominally a 500M power adapter. Since the netwo..

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Why use a CDN service?

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a website service that allows users to fetch static content (especially images, video, audio, CSS, and JavaScript) from the closest servers around, spread across the world as much as possible. A CDN network, to put it bluntly, is a bunch of proxy servers that automatically cache. So, what are the benefits of using a CDN?..

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